Setting Things Right

Just a way of drawing attention to the orderliness of your product or service. It does not calculate anything, it just animates the text lines to their final position, size and opacity.

Everything is done with CSS animations, with a few lines of jQuery to start things off at the button click and to add and remove class names.

Why the fish? Well, I was hungry at the time of writing this...

Chips Medium - home-made£ 1.90
Chips Large - home-made£ 2.90
Calamari (12) - the freshest£ 3.00
Scampi (12) - in breadcrumbs £ 4.75
Cod 6 - 8 oz - premium fillet£ 4.00
Large Cod 8 - 10 oz £ 5.50
Plaice - easily digested£ 4.75
Haddock 8 - 10 oz - full-flavoured£ 5.60

Download from Github

This fun excercise is part of my Playground - a collection of fun stuff I made in the past, from jQuery games to CSS animation tests.

Please drop in on the playground section of my portfolio site!